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Select a year below to view a list of various workouts complete during training phases.

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2011 Workouts:

Jan 4th = 2x2mi w/ 2min rest - 4min break - 2x2K w/ 90sec rest - 4min break - 2xMile w/ 1min rest
Jan 9th = 110min Pace run - 40min start 7:20 and build to 6:00 gradually / 40min hit 5:52-5:56 pace / 30min cut-down to 5:25 first 10min then stay under 5:24 final 20min
Jan 25th = 10min easy run - 20min of 5x 3min on/1min off - 30min easy run (basically just ran to where I got at least over 10mi worth on this run)
Feb 4th = "Race Sim" 2mi / 2 x Mile / 2 x 800 all with .25mi jog rest
May 7th = 3x3x3mi - 3mi easy, 3mi tempo, 3mi easy
Jun 14th = 4x8min w/ 2min rest (20min warm up and 15min cool down)
Jun 21st = Fartlek in Chicago - 2x3min w/ 90sec float, 2x90sec w/ 45sec float, 2x45sec w/ 20-22sec float
Jun 24th = Fartlek @ Forest Park, 6x6 minutes @ 85% effort w/ 1min rest (20min warm up, 20min cool down)
Jul 8th = 2K / Mile / 1200 / 800 / 6x400
Jul 26th = 60min tempo run on Al Foster trail (15min warm up and 15min cool down)
Aug 10th = 7x1K w/ 1min rest @ soccer park w/ team
Aug 12th = Threshold run on Katy Trail from Mokane w/ team
Aug 15th = Fartlek w/ team on bike path
Aug 17th = Threshold run on Katy Trail from Mokane w/ team
Aug 19th = 4xMile cutdowns @ soccer park w/ team
Aug 23rd = 5mi threshold run w/ team
Sept 10th = Fartlek @ Forest Park w/ Ryan and Cody, 6x 3min on/90sec off/2min on/1min off (10min warm up and 10min cool down)
Sept 20th = 30min threshold w/ team
Oct 6th = 5mi tempo w/ team
Oct 14th = "Race Sim" 2mi / 2 x Mile / 2 x 800 along bike path
Nov 15th = 1mi w/ Ryan as part of his workout
Dec 1st = Threshold w/ Kristi at practice ran her pace
Dec 6th = Threshold w/ Courtney and LeeAnna ran their pace
Dec 14th = Threshold w/ Kristi at her pace