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1,800 total miles for 2012
231 days ran, 135 days off
Daily avg ran = 7.79 miles
Monthly avg ran = 34.95 miles
Highest Weekly Mileage = 67.15 miles (week 1)
Highest Monthly Mileage = 252.2 miles (Jan)


2006 - 2012 Weekly Mileage:

I used the same high mileage week on the 2nd graph below at the far right simply to show scale, so everything else matched up correctly in scale - obviously I did not run that high a week any time recently! These 2 graphs take my last 6 years worth of running, or if I wanted to look at it, my marathoning career - Chicago 2006 was my first one. The graph on the left contains training for my first 5 marathons which the first 4 are the four major peaks in the chart, the 5th one being more towards the end of the chart (weeks 43, 69, 91, 113 and 161 contain the marathons). After the 4th one I sustained a knee injury which is why the mileage dropped drastically. I then slowly got back into the game and the 5th marathon was on a whim - PR'd. I'd go on to PR in each of the following 2 marathons after that till my latest one where an injury derailed my training and things did not go as I had hoped. In the 2nd graph, my latest 3 marathons are portrayed here with the first one right before the 0mi week (marathon in week 12), the 2nd marathon which is my current PR and also done on a whim is in week 83, which is just after the first of the 2 biggest peaks on this chart. That came towards the beginning of 2011 where I began to run every day and things were really rolling that year till August when I was not smart with my training and did a bit too much in one week, and that started my decline in training which is where the mileage once again drops drastically. The final marathon is week 119 which is a tiny peak right after the big drop, and then I hit another 0mi week and then training since then has been a rocky road for me. Yes I got really bored to put this together but find it pretty interesting to see it all laid out.




2001 - 2012 Yearly Miles:

2001 = 1,644.5        2002 = 2,226.7        2003 = 874.1        2004 = 2,025.18

2005 = 2,885.77        2006 = 3,627.74        2007 = 3,920.01        2008 = 2,019.88

2009 = 2,272.67        2010 = 2,471.26        2011 = 2,830.11        2012 = 1,800

yearly mileage

2013 Weekly Miles







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