10 x 1000m @ 3:15 w/ 200m jog rest (~60 rest)

  1. 3:15
  2. 3:11
  3. 3:11
  4. 3:12
  5. 3:14
  6. 3:15
  7. 3:15
  8. 3:15
  9. 3:15
  10. 3:12

Average = 3:13

Workout was ok in the fact that I hit the times...but my body just didn't feel it today.  I decided to go around noon up at the track in my plan to get in another run later tonight possibly with Serena or on my own.  Ran 1 mile warm up then drills and another 1 mile to complete the warm up.  I chose to start on the 200m mark of the track in hopes that I would only hit the wind twice each time, but that didn't really work out - the wind was behind me every time for the first 200m of the 1000m but after that it just seemed to shift with me each time and didn't really matter where I was, miserable.  The first one felt fine and then I attempted to see if I could maintain a quicker pace after running the 2nd one splitting 75 and 2:33-34 splits, it didn't feel that bad.  Granted it was early in the workout but I wanted to see how long I might hold that pace - that lasted till about number 5 and 6 when after 400-500m into the 1000m was when I could feel the body struggle.  200m and usually the 400m was fine, but after that my body just seemed to slow down on me and didn't have the gas.  Nice to know I can still hit the goal pace and feel that way - a few weeks back had I felt this bad I don't think I would have run these times still.  By the end my hands were frozen...